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Calcaneal Spur (Ishtika Sweda)

Calcaneal Spur also known as heel spur is one of the main causes of heel pain. Calcaneal Spur is an abnormal growth of the calcaneus bone. Heel Pain is one of the common pains among a list of painful conditions affecting the leg (lower limb).


Ishtika Sweda is a brick sweating therapy and is one of the most effective and time tested remedies for heel pain derived from the wisdom of Ayurvedic science. Ishtika means brick and Sweda – means sweat (sweat inducing therapy).


Ishtika Sweda means a treatment done by using bricks so as to induce sweating in the parts of the body afflicted by pain and stiffness. Four bricks are heated to red hot and are placed in the tray or vessel kept on a stand. Medicated oil is poured over the red hot bricks which caused emitting of fumes. The patient is asked to keep his feet over the bricks maintaining a gap between the feet and bricks exposing them to the fumes. The temperature of the bricks is constantly checked. Steaming is done till the feet and legs start sweating to moderation. The procedure lasts for 5-10 minutes. This procedure should be done daily for 7 days for best results. Ishitika sweda is contraindicated for Diabetic patients.


  • Provides relief from heel pain.
  • Provides relief from inflammation, swelling and stiffness associated with heel pain.

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