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Knee Arthritis (Janu Vasti)

Arthritis is an inflammation in the joints or area of the body where two bones come together. Most common part of the body that is affected by arthritis is the knee and it can suffer from both osteoarthritis (wear and tear of cartilage) or rheumatoid (inflammation resulting from an overactive immune system).


Janu Vasti is a specialized ayurvedic treatment to relieve the knee pain caused due to arthritis by strengthening the knee muscles and joints. The treatment is performed by pouring and pooling medicated oils for a fixed duration of time in a compartment constructed around the knee joints using wet flour of black gram.


This patient is made to lie on their back. The treatment is preferably done in morning and is best done on empty stomach. The knee area is massaged with the oil and then a dough or reservoir is made on the kneecap. Warm medicated oil is then poured and pooled for 30-45 minutes. The treatment varies from 15-20 days depending on the nature and intensity of the condition.

Benefits of Janu Vasti

  • Reduces knee pain & inflammation.
  • Relieves stiffness in the knee joint.
  • Removes the spasm and rigidity of the muscles around the knee and calf muscles.
  • Stops the degeneration of the Knee joints.
  • Lubricates & Strengthens the Knee joints.
  • Protect the cartilage of Knee joint.
  • Nourishes the muscles, Bone and nerves of Knee area.
  • Helps the blood circulation in the Knee area.

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