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Success Stories

I got my knee replacement surgery in 2014 and unfortunately, the surgery was unsuccessful. I met Dr. Nijhawan in 2016 and tried Janu Vasti procedure. I can say that I have not felt such relief in such long time. I really recommend this for anyone suffering from knee pain, be it before or after surgery.
Mr. Singh
I slipped once and I started having pain back. I got numerous tests done and all doctors could suggest was Vitamin D and B supplements. I took all the multi vitamins but the pain did not go. After I tried the ayurvedic treatment and massages at Sparsh, my pain started to subside. The procedure healed me from inside.
Mr Ranjan
After spending lots & lots of money on physiotherapy, unlimited tests and x-rays, my son took me to Sparsh. I am really thankful, I tried this procedure of Janu Vasti.

Mrs. Bhatia
When I first heard of Janu Vasti, I thought it must be one of those massages that give relief for a short while. But when I just couldn't bare the pain and decided to give it a try.. I realised that with each sitting, my knees thanked me for going to Dr. Nijhawan and trying this procedure. I have done 5 sittings and I must say, I am feeling a lot better and have become really active, even at the age of 53.
Mrs. Soni
My work hours are crazy and the amount of time I spend in front of the computer had started showing effects on my shoulder and back muscles. At first I started with physiotherapy and I got good relief, but as soon as I stopped going for regular sessions, I started getting pain again. I was really grateful when a friend of mine suggested Sparsh Clinic for completely Ayurvedic treatment. I did 11 sessions and its been 6 months now, I am not feeling the tension I used to feel in my back.
Ms Shalini
I twisted my ankle at my friend's wedding and doctors had suggested surgery. I was only 23 years old and was scared of surgery. After spending a bomb on physiotherapy, and no relief, I was directed towards Ayurvedic treatment. I visited a few centres in Delhi, but was very disappointed and decided I go for surgery. Luckily, I met Dr. Nijhawan the very same day and was quite impressed by his knowledge and professionalism. I went to his clinic at Safdarjung Enclave and I thank myself for going there. My ankle pain has subsided by almost 80% in just 3 months. Highly recommended.